Board and Train Dog Training Programs

The board and train dog training program is our most popular. We only take 2-4 dogs into the program and usually have a waitlist for 3-4 weeks. We teach you and your dog skills for the real world. Our board and train program is the best option for all dogs, but especially ideal for puppies and young dogs.

We will establish a strong foundation and be there for guidance and support throughout your puppy’s lifetime. We believe in being proactive, not reactive when we train. Why wait until you have bad behavior to fix things, when you can have good habits from the start? Enroll your puppy today for a lifetime of dependable manners in all situations!

Length of stay can be tailored to fit your needs and goals. The longer your dog stays with us, the more your dog will improve. While here, your dog will gain confidence, travel to new locations and socialize with other dogs and people. A minimum board and train program of 2 weeks qualifies your dog for refresh boarding when you are out of town.

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Our Board and Train Options

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2-Week Board and Train Dog Training

Our 2-week board and train dog training program is the perfect choice for non-aggressive dogs that need to master a basic obedience skillset. In this program we provide potty training, crate training and teach your dog some basic commands. Your dog gets to hang out with our team and expert dog pack all day long, resulting in a fun and balanced environment.

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3-Week Board and Train Dog Training

This is our most popular board and train program! During our 3-week program we include everything from our 2-week program plus additional training in emergency recall and a strong focus on distraction training. You dog learns heel, sit, down and place commands around a variety of distractions. This program also includes socialization with other dogs and car rides!

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4-Week Board and Train Dog Training

Our 4-week board and train program is the best choice for nervous and reactive dogs. In this program we focus on confidence and trust building through high distraction training and off-leash socialization. We take your dog to pet stores, dog parks, vet offices and groomers to build your dog’s confidence and conquer their fears. This program stops reactive dogs from lunging, growling, and barking and teaches them proper manners.

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All Board and Train Programs Include Training Equipment, Owner Education with Lifetime Support AND Qualifies Your Dog to Board With Us In the Future
*Results may vary depending on your dog’s temperament, age and history