Creating Instinctual Relationships for Life.

At Canine Peace of Mind, we raise and train puppies to be confident, balanced dogs that fit into any lifestyle.  We believe in raising the most sociable and well-mannered pups so we only focus on a couple at a time to guarantee that you have the dream dog you envisioned.  Working with Canine Peace of Mind is more than buying a trained dog; it is a unique and exclusive experience that will last the lifetime of your pup.

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Canine Peace of Mind Blog:

Meeting Dogs and Puppies for the First Time

When meeting dogs and puppies it’s important to watch their body language. The best thing to do when meeting dogs for the first time? Here’s what we recommend. Read More…

Training a Dog. What’s the Rush?

When training a dog you cannot move too slowly. You can, however, push them too fast or have your expectations set too high, too soon. Read More…

Separation Anxiety in Dogs. What Does it Mean?

Separation anxiety in dogs is a stressful behavioral problem. Destructive chewing and barking are symptoms, but what does it really mean? Read More…

Canine Peace of Mind's Trained Puppies for Sale

Canine Peace of Mind eliminates the stress involved with training your new dog by offering trained puppies for sale. We raise our puppies for the real world so that they will be well mannered in every situation.

Canine Peace of Mind Puppy Training

Canine Peace of Mind’s puppy training prepares dogs to adapt to your lifestyle and environment. Our unique approach to dog training focuses on teaching both owner and puppy life skills, so we train differently.
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